Luxia Engine

Luxia engine is a virtual reality and augmented reality solution for architects. It allows the display of graphics in very high definition with real-time light effects for your projects.


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Client : Creative Novae

Luxia Engine - Virtual reality & Augmented reality

Bring us your plan

Before engaging in a construction site, why not grasp a real vision of your future buildings? We therefore oriented Luxia to push architectures project to the next level. With the engine, no mistakes or misunderstandings, you’ll see what you’ll get.

See beyond with Luxia Engine.

Compatible with the virtual reality technology, get immersed in your future construction projects. You don’t need to wait until it’s too late to make modifications. The Luxia engine will instantly leads you to the final step of the process.

Details makes the difference

The engine simulate in real time periods of the day, which allow you to see your building following different glimpses of light through several points of view. You’ll have a real appreciation of your interior design, and will be able to fix in an early stage the mistakes.